Autumn in Cortina. After a long hot summer, we welcome the beautiful season

   that brings us closer to nature with emotions 
inspired by the rhythms of changing

   colours in spectacular Dolomite landscapes. Walking in the silence of nature, through

larch forests and across mountain peaks tinted in hues of red, leaves you

   with a profound feeling of wellbeing and relaxation that 
touches your very soul. Allow

   you rest in the refuge to become a culinary highlight, indulging in all the flavours and

brought on by the season. For adrenaline hunters, the rush of a downhill

    bike ride
, a via ferrata or a classic climbing route...or even run along a scenic

trail, offers that special satisfaction derived from transforming fatigue into

Road bikers can enjoy tackling the turns and switchbacks of the

   Dolomite mountain 
passes under the pleasant rays of autumn sunshine. 

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