Active Dolomite Holidays


Cortina: space for thrill and unforgettably unique experiences

Summer 2015:
Cortina becomes a trail running resort with more than 475 km and 18 itineraries dedicated to running lovers! Difficult and easy routes, suitable for everybody, that cross the most beautiful mountains in the world.
The Rock n' Roll Tour, the new opportunity to travel across the Cortina Dolomites by mountain bikes, vie ferrate and lifts in one day.


Walking in the Dolomites
Around Cortina you'll find miles and miles of paths: endless opportunities for wonderful days in the open air, immersed in uncontaminated Nature. All kinds of routes perfect for all kinds of walkers, from the most athletic to those wishing simply to relax and admire breathtaking views. Along these paths stand numerous mountain refuges where you can stop off to sample typical mountain delicacies... delicious and zero-kilometre!


Vertical kilometres
Cortina is the ideal holiday for climbing and hiking lovers, who will find many vie ferrate and peaks to conquer, better if helped by the Alpine Guides. Impossible to miss the new proposals, variante Tofana di Mezzo, to reach the highest peak in Cortina, and Maria e Andrea Ferrari, to climb on of the two rocks that surround the Schuss ski slope.
Two-wheeled thrills                                                   
Routes mapped out for those who love cycling, either by road or on mountain tracks. Conquer the mountain passes around Cortina, relish stunning landscapes and live first-hand the mythical roads ridden by Giro d'Italia racers. And for full-out freestyle freaks and hunters of downhill plunges, there's the Bike Park: full of jumps and technical passages, with equipped routes designed for various levels of skill, easily reached cable-car.
And even the hardest routes will be suitable for everybody, thanks to the e-bike, the mountain bike with a battery providing the range of 100 km.

Tailor-made Holidays
Check out packages especially designed for you, book directly online with just a few quick clicks, and you'll be ready for your Dolomite Holiday!