Ski Area Tofana

30 pistes (6 black runs, 12 red runs, 13 blue runs and 6 green runs) with a total of 47 Km

From the beginners’ slopes of the lower area you can quickly reach the technically very demanding pistes such as the Canalone and the famous Schuss. The Freccia nel cielo cable car takes you up to a height of 2.500 m to the Ra Valles area. If you take the Skitour Olympia route, you can venture onto the unforgettable peaks of the 1956 Olympic races, which today host the Women’s Skiing World Cup. There are 15 mountain refuges and restaurants in the area. 

Only for expert skiers, the black run Vertigine Bianca. For its beauty and steepness, it’s one of the two slopes in Cortina which are not beaten by the snowmobiles, given the possibility to skiers to engage in fresh snow on an eco-friendly and zero impact run.

Ski area Tofana

Ista S.p.A 

9lifts for 40 km of pistes
4 chair lifts ad agganciamento automatico, 4 chair lifts ad attacco fisso e 1 ski lift.
Chair lift Baby raggiungibile con tapis roulant, vertical drop 34,30 m.
Chair lift di Socrepes quadriposto, vertical drop  169,90 m.
Chair lift Roncato - Socrepes (Ra Fréza), vertical drop 70,95 m.
Chair lift Olimpia, quadriposto, vertical drop 209,20 m.
Chair lift Tofana Express, vertical drop 278,20 m.
Chair lift Piè Tofana, vertical drop 427 m.
Chair lift Pomedes, 30 m vertical drop 212,28 m.
Chair lift Falzarego 2.
Ski lift Col Gallina 3.
Snowpark: 500 metres long and divided into two areas based on level of difficulty (locality of Socrepes).

Tofana S.p.A. 

4 Chair lifts and a triple cable cars
Triple Cable cars: Cortina-Col Drusciè, Col Drusciè-Ra Valles, Ra Valles-Tofana, vertical drop 1975 m.
Chair lift Col Drusciè, vertical drop 329 m.
Chair lift Ra Valles, vertical drop 265 m.
Chair lift Cacciatori, vertical drop 157 m.
Chair lift Bus de Tofana, vertical drop 365 m.

Funivia Tofana S.p.A.
Via dello Stadio, 12
32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
Tel. 0039 0436 5052

Ista S.p.A.

Lacedel, 1
32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)                     
Tel. 0039 0436 861263