Vertical Park



Sometimes, in order to find yourself as a human being, you first need to get lost; what better way than exploring the Dolomites' vertical miles with climbing, free climbing and dedicated climbing areas.
6 peaks above 3000 m, 850 free climbing itineraries, 1000 classic and modern climbing routes.
These numbers make Cortina the natural home of rock sports. There are technically demanding, incredibly scenic climbs as well as a huge number and variety of vie ferrate, which were created in Cortina during the First World War to facilitate movement of troops and artillery.
Local alpine guides organize special tours, lasting from three to seven days, with the option of staying overnight in one of the 56 alpine refuges and availing of a luggage transfer service.
Cortina's Trekking Hotels provide all the services and facilities climbers and sportsmen could ask for: from packed lunches and breakfast available from 7am to the option of swapping lunch at the hotel for a meal in a refuge.
Additional services designed to make life easier include a shuttle and jeep transfer to refuges.

Among the numerous areas for free climbing activities is the historic 5 Torri area with an incredible 108 routes, which is where the legendary red-shirted Cortina Scoiattoli (Squirrels) climbing club was formed back in 1939.

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