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The village has nearly 7,000 inhabitants and it is located at 1224m. a.s.l. Some of the surrounding peaks are higher than 3000m: Tofàna 3243m, Cristallo 3218m, Sorapìs 3205m. Geographically it is included in the Belluno province and it is 72 km. from the town of Belluno. It is located between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige regions, the border between the two regions is at Cimabanche Pass (1530m.) 13 km. from Cortina.


How far is Cortina:

162 km from Venice
432 km from Milan
692 km from Rome
165 km from Innsbruck
1.320 km from Calais
44 km from the austrian border
72 km from A27-Belluno motorway
87 km from A22-Bressanone motorway


ATVO To/From Cortina - Venezia from June the 1st to September the 30th 2015

Cortina Express To/From Cortina - Venezia from June the 13th to September the 13th 2015

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